Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm in! I'm in! I'm FINALLY IN!!!!!

So after MANY failed attempts to get into my blog I finally gave up....I have no idea what the problem was but no matter what I did it wouldn't let me log in...I even "talked" with GOOGLE "expert" for an hour and a half one day and he couldn't figure it out either! 

ANYWAYS, looks like I can access the blog again so now's the time to start back up!


Love, C

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Needless to say, it has been a while since I have done any blogging but when the opportunity presents itself you gotta go with it....

So, I'm on the computer Thursday night and I get a text message from a friend asking if it might be possible that I pick up her kids after school on Friday....hmmmm..."what time to do they get out?" I text back..."3:10" she replies....light bulb moment....well, yes, they do get out at 3:10 being that they attend the SAME school that my kids attend DUH! After calling her to explain that I'm not a complete idiot (I was thinking that her children still went to the private school in town) and laughing at my ignorance I agreed to watch her children until 4:30 Friday!

FRIDAY: Head to school after working to pick up the 4 little angels...."9/11" I keep thinking in my head...."what else is significant about 9/11 other than 9/11?" AH HA! It's my girlfriend's birthday....the girlfriend that asked me to pick up her children after school.....the kids load up in the car and I ask my girlfriend's girl child if they have any plans for her mom's birthday...."Well, yes, we are going to a fine dinner." she replies...."a fine dinner?" I say..."where?" Knowing for a fact that there is nowhere in this small town to go out for a "fine dinner".... "We haven't decided yet" .... Ok, so I'm really enjoying the very adult conversation that I'm having with this Kindergartner so I continue....."How old is mom today?"not remembering myself.... " wait, she was 33 last year which means this year she would be's dad that's 35." Ha ha ha ha......NOT! As I'm laughing inside while driving/swerving up the offense, my dear look not a day over 33 but I know you are a little older than that!

We get home and of course the cafeteria was closed for the day and not 1 child got lunch...famished, they were.....snacks all around and off to the playroom.....AHH...quiet time! After a brief thought...contemplating how close to crazy I really am.... I text my friend and ask if I shall keep the kids overnight so that she can enjoy an evening with her husband.....after a few "are you sures" and "wow, what a treat" I get a "yes" out of the text conversation....."Great" I think........As I settled into my book I suddenly remembered that I had to feed the dog and the cat.....Matt's out of town on a fishing trip and I didn't want to pull Caleb from his friends (while they were being civil) to do his chore so I went to the garage and filled the can full of food....I walked through the house with Max (the chihuahua) following me as not to get wet because believe it or not it was pouring down rain.....I called for our little black kitty and as I came around the corner to fill the food bowls there he was sprawled out on the concrete....NOT LOOKING SO GOOD....foamy vomit behind him and very little life in him.....WHAT THE HECK? I immediately call Matt....with no usual....he NEVER answers when I'm in a matter how big or small. I look on line for possible ailments.....I have no idea which one to pick.....what do I do? Call Thais (my best friend) she's got cats, she'll know what to help....go out to check on Milo (the cat) again and...he's DEAD....ah man, now what? Matt's out of town, it's pouring down rain, I have 4 kids running a muck in my house and now I have a dead cat that I need to dispose of? DEAD...just like that...I mean, DEAD in literally 10 minutes! Of course, I tell the kids not to go outside and am immediately hit with the question "WHY?" so I tell them that I think the cat is dead....."WHY?" as they rush out the back door....."Well, he's either been poisoned or bitten by a snake"......I say...."Get back inside and don't come out again!" Why a dead cat is freaking me out I don't know but my mind is blank, not a thought one.....text Courtney...."my cat's dead"...."oh no"...."what do I do"...."dig hole, bury cat"....."pouring down rain, Matt out of town, 4 kids in house"....."tongs and a garbage bag?"......"ewwwwwww"......."can u do it 4 me?..."on my way"....."you have vodka"......"yes, you have tongs?" hour later we (or should I say she) "bag" the cat....mix a drink and listen to the sounds of 5 (Courtney brought her youngest with her) rambunctious kids playing in the game room. As the evening progresses the third extra child realizes that the other 2 extras are spending the night....I have a sudden flashback to my all comes full circle doesn't it? "I want to stay the night too" bellows the third extra child...."what's one more?" I think to myself (thinking if my mom could do it so could I) .....Truth be more is "a handful, a headache and a hectic night, but what the HELL".....from 2 to 5 all in the matter of seconds....and I've only had 2 drinks....this, I might add is a self inflicted wound to the head.....apparently, my mom was SUPER, not so much! Courtney leaves and it's finally ......PJ's on LIGHTS OUT!

By 11:00 pm 3 are on a pallet in the game room and 2 are in bed with me.......before you know it, it's 7:00 am and 1 of the 2 in my bed begins to stir...."lucky me" I think....about an hour later all 5 are awake and ALERT! "I want pancakes" one yells..."GOOD LUCK WITH THAT" I YELL back! I pull out every box of cereal I have, check the milk supply and find some paper bowls! "Line up and pick your poison"....they all look at me with a questioning look on their faces (might have had something to do with the fact that I told them I think the cat got into some poison)....the 5 of them sat down, gobbled up their cereal, threw their bowls away, their spoon in the sink and scurried back to the game room....I watched them scramble and immediately decided that it was time to blog...I mean with a dead cat story and 5 kids running around...what else is there to do....2 in undies (1 boxer brief, 1 tighty whitey), 2 gowns (1 perfect, 1 too big) and one t-shirt and shorts....each one of them with a head of hair that looked as if it hadn't seen a brush in weeks.....the next thing you know they've found the musical instruments and have created their own band.....a band of noisy nonsense! OK...that's my limit..."musical instruments UP I yell"......."coffee's ON" I text!

By 10:15 the extras have been retrieved and I am now left with my two sweet noisy, mess makers, a house that needs just a little attention, laundry that needs A LOT of attention and a bagged dead cat that needs to be buried.....once the rain stops.....hey, is that where the saying...."the cats in the bag" comes from?

Have a great telling when you might hear from me again!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday's Typings.....

I have writer's block apparently! It's been over 6 weeks since my last post....kind of feel like I'm in confession and I'm not even Catholic...might have something to do with Kristi's Confession Tuesdays!!!

Watched BIG BROTHER 10 finale tonight....yeah (?) for those of you that might have missed it but recorded it for a later date in time....I personally think that the best man won!!! We'll discuss more later (possibly)...

Caleb's loving Kindergarten....oh BTW - we found a Dr. here in town to give him his allergy shots!!! Yippeeeee.....Matt took him for his first one today! How nice is that...a quick 5 minute trip to the Dr. and we are on to the next phase of life!

Matt's headed to the RYDER CUP this weekend....yes, home alone AGAIN with the children and the animals....I'm saying a little prayer that Matt has someone come over to take care of the animals...I have a hard enough time taking care of the kids and with 4 baby calves that need to be bottle fed, an extra horse that needs feed (that makes 2 horses), 2 dogs (one just had a litter of 6 pups) thank goodness she's got those little guys should see those pups nurse! Brings back fond memories!! Oh - we have the cat and the rabbit and yes, 2 hermit crabs from our trip to Port A over Labor Day....Oh McArthur had a farm e i e i O....

I was planning on heading to Houston for the weekend but Matt's poor mom is STILL without electricity....what a mess IKE has made for so many. Maybe she'll come to us instead! Lots of prayer going out for all Ike's victims.

Well, it's getting late, gotta work in the morning and I'm just FLAT out TIRED....catch ya next time...whenever that will be!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A girl in boys drawers.....

Hair bow, toenail polish or toe molish as Berkleigh would say and brother's boxer briefs......still cute!

Fire Ants..... bite....

Fire Ants..... bite....
That's just crazy...

Yo! Adrienne!!!!